Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway in Experimental Model of Fibromyalgia: Role of Hidrox®

This results of this study indicated that nutritional consumption of Hidrox® can be considered as a new therapeutic approach for human Fibromyalgia.

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Hidrox®, an Olive Extract, Eased Parkinson’s Symptoms in Mice, Study Finds

A recent study has found that Hidrox®, a compound extracted from olives can significantly ease Parkinson's motor symptoms, reduce alpha synuclein buildup and slow neurodegeneration.

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Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant Activity of Hidrox® in Rotenone-Induced Parkinson’s Disease in Mice 

Study shows Hidrox® is an effective antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory agent in preventing the neurogenerative process. 

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The SARS-CoV-2-Inactivating Activity of Hydroxytyrosol-Rich Aqueous Olive Pulp Extract (HIDROX®) and Its Use as a Virucidal Cream for Topical Application

Study shows that Hidrox® contributes to improving control measures.

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Hidrox® and Endometriosis: Biochemical Evaluation of Oxidative Stress and Pain

This study evaluates the effects of Hidrox® on endometriosis lesions associated with pro-oxidative alterations and pain-like behaviors. 

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Hidrox® Roles in Neuroprotection: Biochemical Links between Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease

Findings indicate that Hidrox® could be a valuable treatment for TBI-induced secondary injury and AD-like pathological features.

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Hidrox® Counteracts Cyclophosphamide-Induced Male Infertility through NRF2 Pathways in a Mouse Model

This study demonstrates that Hidrox® protects testes from CYP-induced alterations by the modulation of physiological antioxidant defenses.

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Hidrox® and Chronic Cystitis: Biochemical Evaluation of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Pain

Results of this study indicate that nutritional consumption of Hidrox® can be considered as a new therapeutic approach for human cystitis.

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Health span Enhancement by Olive Polyphenols in C. elegans Wild Type and Parkinson's Models

This study demonstrates that Hidrox® polyphenolic extract treatment has the potential to partly prevent or even treat ageing-related neurodegenerative diseases and ageing itself.

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Coalescing Tech with Biology

Learn more about Dr. Roberto Crea and his scientific achievements.

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Adding Value to the Field of Biotechnology and Nutritional Sciences, Dr. Roberto Crea

Dr. Roberto Crea and his commitment to Biotechnology.

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Conquering the Scientific World, Dr. Roberto Crea

Saving lives and making strides in the world of science.

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