Capturing the Olive’s Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial and Antioxidant Properties

The Oliphenol patented process delivers a unique formulation of polyphenols and other bio-active ingredients that captures the olive’s most effective anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. Avoiding the use of any organic solvents and other chemicals that could impact the efficacy of the resulting compound. As a result, Oliphenol is able to maintain the synergy found in the interplay of compounds within the raw, untouched olive, and deliver it in a form that is simple to use, water soluble, easily absorbable and creates no bio-accumulation in the human body! Technically, HIDROX® is a custom formulation of polyphenols, including Hydroxytyrosol, and other bioactive ingredients found naturally in a pristine olive pulp. It delivers a polyphenols’ concentration up to 300 times that found in olive oil, and in a form which offers greater efficacy than other products that claim to be similar to HIDROX®.

HIDROX® contains active polyphenols which are rich in hydroxytyrosol. It can be concentrated into a liquid elixir or freeze-dried, creating the custom formulations of olive polyphenols and other compounds found on our website.

Unleash the Power of HIDROX® in Your Product!

Due to the increased demand for ingredients with proven, science-based efficacy, Oliphenol makers of HIDROX® is ready to partner with you today! Our ingredient is available in both liquid and powder delivery systems, various potencies, and quantities are in-stock in the USA and available for shipment. HIDROX® gives you another choice to add to your products functionality and differentiate your products from your competition in the marketplace.

Include HIDROX® in your next NEW product launch formulation and increase your product portfolio. HIDROX® can partner with you in Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Supplements, as well as Personal Care. Together we can improve the health and wellness of the world, one product at a time. Let’s discuss how HIDROX® can become an effective benefit and vital part of your mission.